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Our unique applications of advanced selective and non-selective herbicides will kill all existing weeds, while at the same time prevent the germination of dormant seeds and ultimately the re-growth of weeds for months to come.

Unlike other conventional products, any area treated with our advanced and uniquely formulated herbicides will remain weed free for approximately 4 to 6 months.

Most c
onventional products are only able to control weed-ridden areas for short periods at a time, this inevitably results in the need for tedious and frequent maintenance in order to ensure that the area is consistently weed free. With our unique herbicide applications, one treatment is all you need for a completely weed-free season.

From as little as R 380 your Lawn can be Weed Free this season!
(R 380 for the first 100 m2,  R 1.30 per m2 thereafter)

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Factors That Influence Our Herbicide Application
Mowing The application area must not be cut one week prior to the agreed date of application.
Sheltering Remove any grass cuttings, irrigation pipes and other obstructions before application.
Evacuation of Application Area Make the necessary arrangements for the area to be evacuated during, and three hours after application (Including sport activities).
After Application:
Irrigation The area must be irrigated (if no rain) within 1 to 3 days after application. Irrigation is needed to leach the residual action into the topsoil. If irrigation doesn’t take place the residual action will break down.
Mowing After Application Application area must not be cut for three days after application.
Follow-up: A follow-up application will be done three to four weeks after the initial application if necessary. The follow-up application is not a re-spray but rather to spot spray weeds that have been missed during the initial application.

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